About Our Mission

Here are at PrairieBox, we have a very specific goal in mind. Telling you all that goes in to raising kids on a small-acre farm. I'm NOT here to teach you how we do it and tell you that you must do it too. I understand that life looks different for everything. Think of those exercise tapes where they have different levels for different abilites. That's what I am hoping to foster here at PrairieBox. Some will have access to Farmer's Markets, some grown their own veggies, some can get high quality meat, and some can only get the cheaper stuff from the grocery store. Each of us have a different background and set of skills.

What We Cover:

  • Life during a farmhouse renovation
  • What to do with the kids on the farm
  • What to cook with what you grow (or even buy at a Farmer’s Market)
  • What activities you can have your kids help with
  • Showcase other farmers and their lives with their kids on the farm
  • And overall, life with twins on a small-acre working farm