Buying Chickens

The Start of the Farm

WE FINALLY GOT OUR CHICKENS!! My husband and I have had chickens in the past (and that's a WHOLE other story) and we decided that chickens would help us really start our farm. We've done them before and we can do them again.

We couldn't decide if we wanted to go on the Farm Swap Facebook page to buy already grown chickens, ask our neighbors for some, or wait until spring and the local Big R by us had Spring Chick Days. Then Tractor Supply Co. advertised that they sell Fall chicks! So on that first weekend we made a family trip to go pick up the chicks.

I can't even describe how excited my husband was. He was energetic and into it. Making snap decisions and ordering 10 chickens. 10! Since we live on a farm there was no worry about potentially getting roosters (our last home was in a neighborhood and we weren't allowed to have roosters). We ordered a few straight runs and the friendly chicken helper (is that a name?) reminded us twice that we could possibly have males. Once we told her that we lived on a farm she seemed relieved.

The twins were so excited can't you tell? Just look at those adorable chocolate smiles. But in reality, they were probably more excited about the chocolate ice cream I was holding.

So Many Chickens...

We went home with four silver-laced Wyandottes (straight-run), two gold-laced Wyandottes (straight-run), two Americana's (straight-run), and two Dominique (pullets). We got them all home and set up in a "palace". That really means two boxes put together with the middle cut out. Yet they all seem to group together. Flocks, amiright?

Two weeks later, Tractor Supply got in more chickens. My husband brought our kids while I was at work and picked out two Rhode Island Reds (pullets) and three Prairie Bluebell (pullets). I specifically requested from him to get colorful egg-layers and no more potential roosters. He delivered!

So all of our chickens are settling in - and there were no fights between the old and new! Now to let them grow before we move them to the coop!

I'll let you all know how it goes!