And That's Okay -

Home Renovation Emotions

Home Renovation is Hard

Yesterday was hard. The day before that was hard. In reality, we have lived in this house for almost three weeks now and every night has been hard. Before we go to bed almost every night my husband and I say to each other, “Let’s go to bed early tomorrow,” or “when are we going to slow down? We can’t sustain this tempo”. But then something comes up or we need to have something done by _______ fill in the blank.

I spent all day with my twins, playing in the pool, going shopping at Walmart for food and wood putty. We got ice cream and played outside. We even practiced for their physical therapy. So on that day I was a great mom – but I didn’t get things done on the house. Once the babies were in bed I realized we needed the playroom almost done before physical therapy, the outside of the house needed to be scraped, my husband had to mow, we still have boxes sitting in our pole barn, the mudroom is a mess, one room has primed lines (for the paneling) but no primer on the walls. The floors desperately need to be sanded but I don’t know when we are possibly going to get that done. It was eight p.m. and I hadn’t even started making dinner yet. I was hungry, tired, and cranky.

And That's Okay

So why am I whining about it again now? Because I need the reminder – and I wonder if you do too – that this is a marathon. We will not finish all the things before the cruise in two weeks - and that’s okay. We bought this house because we will have YEARS to make it ours. Years to update it, years to live in it. Do I want it to be done now? Of course. But I need to accept that it won’t be. I spent time with my kids yesterday – and that’s okay. We had fun and practiced for PT and got ice cream – and that’s okay. We might not be unpacked before the cruise, I might have to leave for two weeks with lines painted in the front room, and the yard might take my husband four hours to mow when we get back – and THAT’S OKAY.

My new mantra when I am stressed and worried that it won’t be done in time, or I didn’t get enough done by the end of the day is, “That’s Okay”. Instead of wishing away my life for this year I want to enjoy it. I want to feel relaxed when I come home instead of stressed. I want my kids to want to be in the house, playing and laughing.

But I’m not going to lie, I might need a reminder from you guys a few times on this renovation journey – and that’s okay.