Closing on our 1969 Ranch

The End of an Era

Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic. I remember signing for that house back in 2015. It was May, surprisingly sunny. My fiancee (at the time) and I signed for this house before we were even married. We didn't plan on moving in until we could do it together after our wedding. We did know that we wanted to have a bulk of it completed before the wedding shower we would host there. David and I were so nervous to make such a big financial decision before we were even married. In hindsight, I'm surprised our parents let us do this.

After pen was put to paper, this home on Trumpet Road became our home. It was built in 1969 and was owned by an actual crazy cat lady. There were no children - in fact the bank sold it to us. When we pulled up the driveway and got out of our cars, immediately you smelled cat pee. We figured it was just outside the residence and shrugged it off. We walked inside and the smell got worse...

So within the first few days the bushes came out, the outside cat litters were thrown away, and took off the awnings. This helped make the house look less "busy". To get rid of the smell in the house, the floors were ripped out, the subfloors were painted, then the trim. Throughout this process we found so many cat paraphernalia that was left behind. I don't know how many cats she owned but she loved cats so much she got figurines made of them.

I didn't know how to do any projects. Everything was Googled. Install wood flooring? Google. Mortar tile? Google. Paint siding, stain rocks, paint driveways, cut trim, paint bathtubs, throw away trash (when there's so much of it), install chandeliers, install carpet, discover what's causing the drainage problems in the basement, seal flashing on the chimney, tuck point mortar, even caulk a bathroom sink - Google. David and I completely installed a bathroom through ingenuity and YouTube videos. We taught ourselves how to fix our house. All this blood, sweat, and tears made what was a crazy cat lady's house, into a home where we brought home our twin boys. If you want to see more pictures of what we walked into and what we changed visit here for a slideshow.

So What's the Point?

This house became a home for my family. Though we only lived here for four years, in those four years a lot happened. We got married, brought animals (two cats and a dog) to live with us, both got full-time jobs, we got pregnant, brought the twins home. Many memories were made here. And so when we signed over the house two days ago, I got sad. I cannot wait to move into my farmhouse and bring her back to life. I have been scheming and planning the last few months on all I want to accomplish while we live there. For we will be stewards of that home. But it's still bittersweet.

I will miss this house. This house held so much for our family. Now it's on to new things, remembering the lessons we learned. And if we face a problem we've never faced - there's always Google.