Kids Say the Darnedest Things

I've been documenting the hilarious things my Seniors (in high school) say and I'm only two weeks in and have laughed louder than I have in all my years teaching. I'm realizing that by typing them out it's making me more aware and then I remember them. When these high schoolers get hard to teach, I pull out the funny things they've said.

January/February 2020

  • I told a student to stop swearing. His apology, "I'm sorry.... that you heard me."
  • "I'm having a GREAT day! My TikTok went viral."
  • "I look SO cute with the baby filter on Snapchat, I must have been an adorable baby."
  • One student to another, "You've got gray hairs! What are you 30?!"
  • Random Trivia Game
    • Student A, "Who was the Vice President during WWII?"
    • Student B, "ABRAHAM LINCOLN!"
  • Talking about JFK
    • Student, "Mrs. G, was JFK actually that handsome?"
    • Me, "I don't know? I wasn't alive then?"
    • Student, "REALLY?!"
  • Talking about presidents and the election.
    • Student A (who loves JFK), "Honestly JFK should just come back and be president.
    • Student B, "Wait is he still alive?"
  • "My plan is to break my nose so then insurance will pay for a nose job."
  • "Honestly Katy Perry is right, I do be feeling like a plastic bag sometimes."
  • "I've always been sexy... Trust me, it's a hard life."
  • Student was presenting, "Steelheart takes over Chicago and calls it Newcago, which is a pretty big shitty." (Whole class laughed before he realized what he actually said).


You might be saying, "That was funny, but what does that have to do with farming?" And my answer is... I don't know haha. I do know that humor helps me survive a hard day, so hopefully if you are having one of those, I brought some humor for you all!

Thanks all!